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All you ought to know about furniture movers

Most furniture movers have muscular burly persons capable of lifting heavy items like refrigerators, pianos, cots, sofas etc and carry them down three or four flights of stairs. But these workers are not known for careful handling of your cherished furniture and the possibilities of getting your furniture damaged are fairly high.

You should therefore engage a reputed and reliable moving company that handles your furniture with care without creating dents or scratches. The furniture movers will assume complete responsibility for secure packing, loading, transporting, and unloading of your furniture at the end destination and this job is not simple.

Before a furniture mover commences his work, he will apply numbered stickers to each and every piece of furniture. These items will be written on an inventory list in duplicate. The movers will retain one copy, and another given to you. After you check the list and signs on it, the moving company employees begin their work.

In the event you pay for the extra services, the movers will undertake to provide all the packing materials like carton, crating, straw ropes etc and carefully pad all items to avoid the possibility of transit damage. The mover may also wrap costly goods with thick blankets to avoid scratches and dents.

All furniture items will be loaded and securely tied and strapped so they remain firm and steady in transit. Upon arrival at the chosen destination, the movers will unload the truck and carry the items into your new premises and unpack them. Both the customer and movers verify each numbered item with the inventory sheets to ensure everything has arrived safely and intact.

Movers may provide you a non-binding or a binding estimate and the estimate itself must clearly state whether it is non-binding or binding. A non-binding estimate is only an approximate cost and it is not binding. Binding estimates must be in writing and are usually based on constructive weight. All such estimates must clearly state on their faces that the estimate is binding on the mover.

It is important that you know all about the types of insurance that are offered for your furniture that is getting transported. Movers usually offer three types of protection for your furniture in case they are lost/ damaged - limited liability, added valuation and full value.

Limited liability is the basic mandatory insurance coverage required by law, and it does not cost you anything. Added Valuation lets you receive the compensation amount based on the prevailing market replacement value of the furniture item, less depreciation. The money you pay for this coverage depends on the value you declare for your furniture items.

Full Value insurance costs the most and covers the actual cost of an item's replacement / repair, without any deduction towards depreciation. Contact your insurance company to ascertain how much they would charge to insure your furniture during a move before finally deciding on the option.

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