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Usa Moving and Storage  –
Trusted Chicago moving and storage Company Since 1981

USA MOVING AND STORAGE offers full residential moving services from packing to loading to transportation and storage for your household goods. Office moving services are also available.

As a four-generation family-owned Chicago moving and storage company, we understand the stress , anxiety, and cost of relocation, and have highly tuned our craft to ensure low stress, streamlined and affordable moving experience.

We deliver the highest-quality service to Chicago residents and corporate offices because we have always put customer satisfaction first. We go to great lengths to train our staff properly to be careful, courteous, and informative in order to make your move peaceful and simple.



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Whether you plan to move across the street, to the other side of the country, or even somewhere around the world, these expert Chicago moving tips can help make the process as simple as possible.



To avoid damage, be sure fragile articles are not packed in the same carton as heavy articles. Be sure to mark cartons clearly.Unplug your TV's and computers at least 24 hours before the move.

USA Moving and storage is one of the well reputed and top moving companies in the USA that has been providing high quality service and transport solutions since 1981. With almost 40 years of experience in this field, we have a better understanding of your needs, satisfaction and preferences to offer you an exceptional service all the time. We are a Chicago based moving and Storage Company offer you with a wide range of services including furniture moving, piano moving, corporate moving, long distance moving and even small moves at attractive prices that every common man can easily afford. All your possessions are sure to reach the desired destination safely on time, with our expert help. Be it a big move or small move; leave it to our knowledgeable professionals for the best experience in shifting. With expert professionals in our team, we are committed to ensure you utmost satisfaction. We also provide lots of services and ideas that minimize your cost without any single compromise on our service and quality. There are many reasons to choose us, go through the article to know more about our company and the services we are offering...
When you are thinking of the best place to move, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the packing process. It is one of the tiring jobs that most of the people cannot afford to do by themselves. So it is always best to leave it in the professional hands. The USA storage and moving company provides complete packing and storage services. Transportation is the essential service to connect people all over the world by the continuous flow of import and export. We help in transporting the goods to the new destination for you to live comfortably. The ultimate aim of shifting is to move to a better place than before or to have a perfect start to your life in a peaceful way. Take the first step in a more peaceful way to have a great beginning.
As shifting takes a lot of time, effort and is more stressful than you can imagine, go for the best packing and storage company. Luckily in Chicago you have one of the best packages and movers to provide you better relocation services. So start with us to have a good start in your first step of your new life. Since there are many scammers available in this shifting industry, choosing a perfect moving company is of great importance. We are the licensed, bonded and insured movers in this industry for almost forty years. We have a squad of trustworthy moving experts who could effectively shift your goods in the place you desire. Should you need anything regarding shifting and storage, contact us on our website or through the mentioned mobile number.
Whether it is a narrow hallway, steep stairs or the circular paths, we have the professionals to move your belongings right. Be it a piano, furniture, heavy boxes or anything that needs extra manpower, we are here to handle all the moving jobs for you. It is already a worry to leave your place and transferring to another place, then why do you add extra worries by doing the packing and moving on your own when you find the best packers at the affordable price. Investing in good professional movers will make you stay out of worry. Choosing the professional moving company will allow you to finish your work on time without any rush. When you are shifting to the new destination, there will be many other manual work other than packaging and unpacking, so let us handle this for you. Professional movers in Chicago will provide you a doorstep and full service to relocate everything for you.
Are you tired of shifting? Then contact our movers to provide you the best moving service. Choosing our package and movers allows you to shift all your things safely to your determined place. We provide both residential and commercial services that give you better options to relocate things in an efficient way. We provide a wide range of menu, in which you can choose the best option according to your preference. If you are shifting to a different place in a long distance or may even to the next apartment, we provide you with all kinds of services according to your need. Small movers in Chicago particularly help you in moving your goods at the most affordable prices.
We recommend you to acquire our services that minimize your cost accounting to your possessions. Our same building movers particularly specialize in moving your things to the same building within a minimal amount of time and charges. People bonded well with the people and the surrounding find it difficult to leave their place. If you are already living in the better surrounding, just move on to the next apartment for the betterment of your life. Our Same building movers in Chicago offer a specialized team to vacate and install everything within minimum time at affordable prices. Some people may hesitate to call the packers and may do all the things by themselves. So if you don't want to pivot for the entire time like Ross, you can reach us and stay out of the burden.
Our long distance movers in Chicago help in providing the perfect service throughout the journey. The difficulty in long distance movers is about handling everything under control without damaging any goods. It also provides the services for intrastate and interstate moves with furniture assembling and disassembling features, custom crating and provides the transportation for the specialized items. If you are looking for the perfect movers for corporate relocation to uplift your business, then, we, the corporate movers, will help you for your changes. Our corporate movers offer the best packing and shifting with no damage to the property. The large truck and the professionals give the comfortable spacing according to the corporate goods need. The corporate movers cover everything from your desks, computers, chairs, and other possessions in a more professional way and will provide you best service from top to bottom. That is from packing the goods, loading and unloading, we provide you every kind of service to provide you satisfaction.
If you are a Chicago based person, you might have heard more about our services beforehand. So, never ever hesitate to call us anytime. If you are leaving your location in case of an emergency, instantly call our emergency movers of Chicago, we will send you the expert team for the best relocation services. Even when it is last minute to move out from your rented place where you don't feel comfortable to live in anymore or when you are in a hurry to shift to different places due to many other reasons, you can contact us for both storage and shifting purposes. We offer you every kind of service even in emergency situations. We provide our storage and moving services in Chicago, Skokie, Illinois and the area around them.
Skokie moving company provides you lots of services including the piano shifting services. Why particularly piano? Piano is the one of the heaviest and bulkiest instruments in which the legs, pedals and music stands should be disassembled to ensure proper protection in case of relocation. It also requires lots of manpower and is a more tedious process. The USA moving and storage company carved its own niche in the piano moving industry. As we highly value your things, we provide an expert team for professional packaging for the delicate items. We are also expert piano movers in Chicago ready to help you in the entire process from packing, loading, unloading and unpacking the piano. Piano is one of the costliest and highly valued instruments that should be shifted carefully.
As these instruments need immense care, we give extra importance in shifting them. So the expert team with properly trained and equipped professionals for moving large instruments are provided for better shifting experience. USA movers and storage company is so far the best piano movers in Chicago. We understand the difficulties in moving the piano, as it is not only heavy; they are more delicate which are often attached with the beautiful memories. The moving and storage company in Illinois also provides every kind of services like small movers to large, corporate and piano movers. If you want to pack your things on your own, you can order boxes on our site and package it accordingly. This is when you like to pack your things only by yourself. The cost varies according to each service provided. Things which are packed by yourself will lower the cost and hence your money is saved.
We like to get only what we deserve, so we divide the money for packing, unpacking, loading and unloading as per your requests. Moving boxes supplies in Chicago will provide you the boxes according to your preference and have the whole set of packaging boxes for everything you own. Don't hesitate to contact us even when you need boxes in minimum quantity. The moving boxes we provide are more durable and are great to invest for reusing. The high quality moving boxes allows you to move the things in a more safe way. Don't compromise on the moving boxes. There are certain things to consider when packing your things.
We provide you with some packing tips for proficiently relocating your things. Are you interested in packing your things and getting to know the ways that reduce the cost of your services? Then let's start with the basics. Packing things accordingly will make your relocation process much easier than it originally sounds. The first thing to do is to separate the delicate items. The things which are more fragile to handle should be kept and wrapped with proper insulation to provide a smooth shifting process. The second thing is to reduce the things that you no longer need. It is definitely a waste of energy and time, unless it is a valuable item. When you are relocating to a distant place, it is better to hire professional movers to reduce your stress in the moving time and will be a great experience even if it costs extra cents of money.
Keeping the things accordingly will make the shifting process much easier. Using the right size boxes is more important, so choose small boxes for heavy items like books and large boxes for the lighter items. Make sure to place the heavier items in the bottom and lighter on the top. The common and repeated mistake that everyone does is over packing the moving box. This gives you the great chance to create a huge mess in the last minute. This doesn't mean to leave lots of empty spaces in the boxes. You can use foams, clothes and packing paper to prevent collapsing during the shifting process. I hope these packaging tips are helpful for a better shifting process. This stress can also be skipped when you hire professional movers like us. The expert team will take over the complete packing and unpacking service to reduce the load from your plate.
Somethings are more valued and cannot be thrown away easily, we offer storage services in Chicago. Our service is so trustworthy to leave your things in our hands.When you are out of space or want to keep things elsewhere, then you can leave it in our hands without any doubt. Whether you need a short term or the long term storage and can even be a climate controlled storage, you can contact us for the storage purposes. Our company specialised in this services for more than a decade, so can reach us for all sorts of storage issues.
Some things are more valued and cannot be thrown away easily. Having it in mind, we delicately shift all your possessions. We offer extraordinary storage services in Chicago that you can always count on with no hesitation. Our service is so trustworthy to leave your things in our safe hands. When you are out of space or want to keep things elsewhere, then you can leave it in our hands without any doubt. Whether you need a short term or the long term storage and can even be a climate controlled storage, you can contact us for all your storage purposes. Our company specialized in these moving services for more than 4 decades, so you can reach us for all sorts of storage issues.
As awards we got too speak for the service we provide, we would like you to know that we are the talk of the town for excelling in the best customer satisfaction for six years in a row. We also have been getting a super service award by Angie's list for the past 12 years. The ratings given by our customer can also be read to know about us. The USA storage and moving company is more efficient in handling all your things professionally and helps to store and transfer all the belongings to your desired place. We can reassure you that your possessions will be in safe hands when left to our expert movers. As said already, we are committed to charge fair prices and excellent services, because we value only customer satisfaction. Visit our site to know about the services we are providing and pick your preferred services.

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