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Properly securing a piano for safe moving or transportation

Pianos are valued possessions and are highly susceptible to damages when moved around. Grand pianos are even more problematic because of their unwieldy shape and heaviness. When pianos are properly disassembled, padded securely and loaded with care, it will largely help to prevent serious damages.

Let it be understood that satisfactorily shift a piano, at least three men will be needed to handle a piano. If the piano needs to go up or down stairs or if a full or concert grand piano needs to be transported, a minimum of four people are needed.

As various parts of a piano are disassembled, you must carefully place all hardware in a properly labeled parts bag for easy retrieval while reassembling it. Remove the music rack from its track by pulling it toward the keyboard and make sure to wrap it in a clean furniture pad. Disconnect the lid by slowly removing the hinge pins. Have one person wiggle the lid, holding it opposite the hinge, while a second person works the pin loose. Please be careful that not to damage the wood with the pliers or with the pin itself. One has to be patient while dissembling the piano as any hasty job could mean trouble.

Next, remove the pedal assembly and wrap it like all other parts in a clean furniture pad. The braces at the rear of the assembly rest in slots at each end and while removing the screws, exercise care not to drop the braces. In addition, please be especially careful with the pushrods so that they will not get bent. When reassembling at the end destination, please be sure to put the rods in the correct order, or else the pedals will not work properly.

Make it a point to ensure that the surface of the piano is dust-free before padding it, lest it develops scratches, especially on the black lacquer finish. Please carefully note which legs were removed from which positions as many pianos have legs that are not interchangeable.

To move the piano up the stairs, use the piano board as a skid. After sufficiently padding the stairs for protection against possible damages, place the keyboard end of the piano toward the bottom of the stairs. Attach a hump strap to the top end of the piano board as this is necessary to prevent the piano from slipping. Although grand pianos represent a significant challenge, they can be moved without damage by using a bit of common sense and exercising extra caution in handling it.

In order to get the job of shifting the piano right and to dissemble and subsequently reassemble a piano, you will need accessories that include moving dolly, movers straps, furniture pad and moving blankets, piano leg covers etc. Most of these accessories will be available in shops that sell the pianos. You will also need a truck with a hydraulic lift gate to get the piano onto the vehicle.

Please bear in mind a piano is an expensive investment and any damage can terribly hurt the sentiments of its owner. Whether you are a player of or a mere lover of piano music, damage to the piano can be heart-rending. This is the reason why extraordinary precaution is necessary in shifting an instrument as large and delicate as a piano when relocating to a different place.

Glencoe piano movers is one such highly reputed piano moving company who can assist you in making this course of action, an simpler one.

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